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Empowering Through Insights

At RIKR Protection, LLC, we delve deep into the data surrounding active shooter events. Our commitment to safety extends beyond fear, focusing on providing insights that empower individuals and organizations to take informed actions. Explore the lessons learned from meticulous analysis to enhance your preparedness.

Explore Our Insights

Data-Driven Analysis

Uncover the patterns and trends behind active shooter events with our meticulous data analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics to make informed decisions. 

Lessons Learned

Explore the lessons learned from past incidents to enhance your preparedness. Our detailed analysis equips you with the knowledge needed to respond effectively. 

Risk Assessment

Assess your unique risks with our comprehensive risk assessment services. Identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies to mitigate potential threats. 

Our Courses

Basic Response

Intermediate Response


Armed Response Qualification


*These are base prices, additional fees may be included for travel, equipment or as needed. Please inquire for pricing.

Course Content

Lesson 1

Data Analysis

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Stop The Bleed

Curriculum Sources & Partners


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